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Market research solutions for the healthcare domain

We are a full-service healthcare market research firm, providing consulting and fieldwork support in key global regions.

Started in 2014, with focus on India and Singapore, we now provide fieldwork support in 08 countries of the Indo-Pacific region along with the US, Canada, the UK and the UAE. 

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We provide end-to-end solutions that help organizations in achieving their strategic goals in key global regions

Consulting Solutions

We leverage our experience and training in developing solutions that inform your decision making process.

Market Potential Assessment

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Brand Perception Studies

Pricing Sensitivity Research

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Started in 2014, with focus on India and Singapore, we now provide fieldwork support in 08 countries of the Indo-Pacific region, along with the US, Canada, the UK and the UAE.

Fieldwork Support

Questionnaire Designing

In-depth Interviews

Qual/Quant Surveys

We are adept at removing the wheat from the chaff, gleaning meaningful information from huge data sets, and creating visualizations that can easily lend themselves to insights.  

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Data Processing & Visualization

Data Coding

Charting Solutions

Statistical Solutions

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Our experienced programmers can assist you in programming basic to complex surveys on all major platforms. We have a network of native speakers from all major languages from the Indo-Pacific region.

Programming & Language Solutions

Survey Programming and Hosting

Translation Support

Transcription Support

Consulting Solutions
Fieldowork Support
Data Processing & Visualization
Programming & Language Solutions


We are maintaining a large panel of hard-to-reach healthcare stakeholders from the Indo-Pacific region, which is continually updated to keep it relevant

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A tool to enhance your conference coverage experience is on its way.


More details are Coming Soon! 


This newly launched panel has members from major healthcare ailments - arthritis, diabetes, cardiac diseases, gout, oncology, and others. Our trained moderator can assist you in understanding the patient's perspective. 

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A tool that can help you in making more out of your qualitative research

More details are Coming soon!



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As a start-up incubator, we review concepts/solutions from early stage medical start-ups frequently. We have been collaborating with decodeMR team (earlier known as Oncofocus) since 2015. The team from decodeMR understands the healthcare/medical landscape and  have access to relevant HCPs/KOLs, allowing us to review our projects quickly and gather actionable insights on emerging clinical trends and market needs. I strongly recommend decodeMR for consulting and research support.

Director, Business Ventures, Trendlines

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