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Fieldwork Support

Effective fieldwork support is critical for reliable and insightful research. Common challenges with substandard fieldwork partners include inconsistent data collection and unreliable insights, which can lead to inaccurate conclusions and misguided business decisions.  
At decodeMR, we make a difference by ensuring meticulous planning, precise data collection, and rigorous quality control. Our experienced team delivers dependable and actionable insights, empowering you to make informed decisions confidently. Trust decodeMR for fieldwork support that elevates the integrity and impact of your research.
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Questionnaire Designing

  • Effective questionnaire design is paramount in healthcare research. Many partners lack the specialized knowledge to create precise and relevant questionnaires, resulting in inaccurate data and unreliable insights. Challenges include misinterpreting medical terminology, overlooking critical nuances, and failing to address specific healthcare contexts.
  • decodeMR's specialist team, with extensive experience designing questionnaires for various methodologies — such as surveys, in-depth interviews, and focus groups — ensures well-crafted, relevant, and precise questionnaires. Our approach guarantees accurate data collection and actionable insights, empowering informed decisions and driving impactful outcomes.  
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In-depth Interviews 

  • Effective moderation is crucial in qualitative healthcare research. decodeMR's healthcare specialist moderators bring extensive experience across various therapy areas and research methodologies, ensuring insightful and relevant data.
  • Our team understands the nuances of healthcare, adeptly navigating complex topics to uncover deep insights. decodeMR's difference lies in our expert moderation, which provides accurate, actionable intelligence to inform strategic decisions.  
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Qual/Quant Surveys 

  • Quantitative surveys are indispensable in healthcare research. decodeMR optimizes completion rates and data accuracy through a blend of CATI, CAPI, and self-administered surveys. By leveraging our vetted panel, we ensure high-quality responses, strengthening the reliability and relevance of your survey data.  
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