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The Importance of Participant Perspective in Healthcare Market Research

At decodeMR, we recognize the intricacies involved in conducting market research in the healthcare space. Our extensive experience working with healthcare professionals has taught us that it's essential to strike a balance between the needs of the research study and the participants involved. However, we understand that busy schedules can often deter HCPs from participating in market research studies, which can impact the project's progress. Therefore, we prioritize giving participants flexibility within their schedules to ensure that they can participate in the most convenient way possible, even if it means conducting interviews after working hours. To ensure that our market research projects are effective, efficient, and respectful of participants' time and priorities, we follow some essential principles as mentioned below:

  1. Flexible Approach - We should be flexible to schedule the interview as per participant's convenience

  2. Prior information - All the necessary information should be made available before the interview

  3. Screener - Proper screener should be used to recruit suitable respondents

  4. Honorarium - An appropriate amount of honorarium (as per the standard) should be offered

  5. Duration - The interview should be short and precise

Our adherence to the above-stated principles has led to a 30% improvement in scheduling respondents and executing seamless interviews at decodeMR. It has also

enabled us to achieve our objectives and ensured a pleasant experience for our participants.

We are steadfast in our commitment to providing top-notch market research services in the healthcare domain and will continue to prioritize the interests of our clients and participants alike.


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