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Global Standards

We are members of ESOMAR, Intellus worldwide and Insights Association, reputed market research organization, and we adhere to their global market research guidelines.


Confidentiality Ensured

Respondents can freely share insights when they are ensured of their confidentiality. We understand this and maintain confidentiality of all our respodents

Quick Payouts

In case you have opted out for payout instead of charity. our typical payment timeframe is a fortnight from the successful completion of interview.

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The purpose of an interview is not just to get answers, but to understand."- James Clear


  • How did you get my contact details?
    If you are not a panel member then, it could have been by any of the following ways: Your contact details were publicly available One of our panel member referred you Your name was in the preferred list provided by the client
  • Why was I contacted by Verifothesis?
    Verifothesis is a proprietary panel managed by Oncofocus, a global Life sciences Consulting and Market Research organization. We would have contacted you only in relation to a research study.
  • For whom do you conduct these research studies?
    We conduct studies mainly for the Research agencies. Sometimes, however, we conduct interviews for our internal research as well. For example, we recently conducted an internal research survey on Cervical Cancer Awareness, results of which were published in the ESMO 2017 conference.
  • Is my data confidential?
    Yes, it is. We do not share our database with any sales and advertising company. Our database is only for Market research purposes and is only accessible by our internal team. In certain projects, we may have to share respondent name and contact number with client for the QC purpose. However, even in these cases, we sign a confidentiality contract that restrains them from calling panel members for any sales and marketing activities.
  • How will you process my incentive?
    How do you want us to do it? You can select from the following transfer methods available: Directly crediting to your account (takes longest time) Paypal Gift vouchers like, Apple Prepaid gift cards (fixed amount debit cards)
  • How long will it take to process my incentives?
    This will depend on the transfer method you have selected. Paypal is the fastest method as you can receive incentive within a day of release. The Prepaid card and Gift vouchers may take about a week as they need to be mailed to you. Please note that as per our company policy, we typically release incentives after client is satisfied with the data. Thus, it can take about two weeks to release incentive once an interview/survey is completed.
  • What if I want to donate to charity?
    Yes, we are perfectly OK with it. Let us know which organization you would like us donate to. Once we have completed the donation in your name, we will share with you the confirmation receipt.

If you have any other question, please write to us at -

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