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Programming & Language Solutions

decodeMR offers comprehensive support in Programming & Language Solutions, streamlining research processes and ensuring global reach. Our tailored solutions encompass survey programming, multilingual translation, and accurate transcription services. With a focus on precision and efficiency, we enable researchers to seamlessly implement methodologies, gather diverse insights, and reach global audiences effectively. 
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Survey Programming and Hosting  

  • decodeMR specializes in survey programming and delivers advanced functionalities such as piping, complex survey logic, quotas, matrix table questions, and auto-logic checks.
  • We excel across platforms like Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey, SurveyGizmo, Typeform, QuestionPro, Limesurvey, etc., ensuring precise data collection tailored to specific research objectives.   
  • With expertise in incorporating advanced formulae within survey questions, our solutions enable efficient, real-time data analysis, empowering informed decision-making and business success in market research endeavors.  
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Translation Support

  • decodeMR provides top-tier translation support, ensuring your research materials are accurately translated across multiple languages. Our expert linguists and specialized translators understand the nuances of healthcare terminology, delivering precise and culturally relevant translations. This ensures the inclusivity and reliability of your global data collection efforts. By maintaining the integrity and clarity of your research instruments, decodeMR empowers you to gather consistent, high-quality insights from diverse populations, driving informed decisions and successful outcomes.  
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Transcription Support

  • decodeMR offers expert transcription support, converting audio and video data into accurate text formats. Utilizing AI-assisted transcription, we ensure rapid turnaround times while maintaining precision. Our specialized team captures every detail and nuance from interviews, focus groups, and other qualitative data, enhancing data analysis. With decodeMR's transcription support, you receive timely, reliable, and comprehensive documentation, empowering informed decision-making and driving impactful research outcomes.  
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